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Boycie feels gastric comfort, doesn't Holly know it!!

Holly Haward
23 August 09:11
Over the last year I have struggled on and off with riding my horse, Boycie. Generally he is the easiest horse ever to handle/keep but to ride he is a real worrier. Never particularly naughty (although has thrown me off a couple of times! But more in a panic than naughty.) He just feels stressed. Some days I would describe him as completely unrideable. Flinching away from my leg to the point I couldn't do anything with him. I have had everything checked...and checked again! Incl. saddle, changed bridle, bit, back checks (with about 4 different physios/chiros) vet checks incl. scoping his stomach. All to no avail. Start of July I decided to try him on Hack Up bespoke and can honestly say 'wow' what a difference. He is happy/relaxed and enjoying being ridden! To the point my instructor thought I had a new horse! Not had a single day since starting on the supplements where I've felt I can't ride him. Looking forward to getting him out and about now whereas two months ago I was on the verge of giving up!! Hack Up definitely comes highly recommended from me!!

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