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Brownie 22 and the Most Full of Life Horse on the Yard

Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch. The bespoke joint supplement seems to be working well for Brownie. Mr B is a New Zealand TB and 22yrs. He has had a long and successful eventing career and has competed at 4* with Georgie Davies (now Dalton). Whilst he isn't competing anymore, he is sound and happy and LOVES his work. A couple of winters ago Brownie dropped off a bit, had lost his 'spark' and was suffering with stiffness. Even hacking he felt short and uncomfortable, particularly on the hills. The vet and farrier said he was all fine but I was worried because he wasn't himself. I decided to try Hack Up based on a recommendation. After a few months on the joint supplement I really started to notice a difference. He was working in the school a lot softer and happier (I remember rediscovering medium
trot!) and back to his normal spritely self out hacking! He even looked less stiff walking out his stable after a night in. He has been on the supplement nearly a year now and I must say (being a skeptic) that I wouldn't change something great. He is the bounciest, happiest, full of life horse on the yard and at 22yrs you would think he is after a quieter life but no sign of it yet! Thanks to Hack Up for providing a truly bespoke and effective product. Rose Spence


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