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Caffrey forward and relaxed in his work again since being on his Refined product.

Well Caffrey started on his espoke Joint / Detox / AI refined supplement a week last Tuesday. What a difference in just 10 days in, he was unwell at Christmas, but you wouldn't know it now! Did 7 miles round Escrick Park rideaway on Wednesday, lots of cantering. He has gone back to the forward going horse I know and love After spending all last summer with a pony who was obviously unhappy and who I had to kick on, I was unable to put my finger on what was wrong. Now he is happy, forward and relaxed in his work. Today was the icing on the cake...lunge work in the pessoa and what stretches we had. Amazing. Then our first jump in 5 months. Jumped beautifully and was so pleased with himself a lovely large buck to show how well he was feeling. I have my pony back...thank you Alex and your team. I have a forward going, relaxed, non stressed pony who is so happy in himself and what a shiny coat!!! I will keep you posted. X
Katy Dukes

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