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Caffrey Now Calm and Relaxed on his Bespoke

Alex and the team, just thought I would leave some feedback for you.
My horse Caffrey, has always been a forward going horse, competed at BE80, showjumped and hunted and sometimes could do a good bronk and buck session if he got wound up. I put him on Al/Circ/Detox and within a week he was calm and relaxed in every way. He now loads and gets to an empty car park for a hack out, with no other horses around him and just settles. No more whinnying and carrying on as he is all alone. The supplement doesn't take his energy from him just gives him an all round calmness that you just can't explain, but will now never be without.

He had a inflammation of the hoof in November of 2015, which resulted in him being diagnosed with a metabolic disorder. Alex and his team amended his supplement to include ingredients that will help with the symptoms of a metabolic disorder and he now has correct shoes on with toe clips for the first time in 2 years.

Every summer, as part of his metabolic condition he gets a cough, always at the same time. I steam his haylage but we have a summer of respiratory issues every year. This year I got online to Alex who recommended Air. Within a week of being on this he is now back breathing correctly and enjoying his work again.

I cannot recommend Hack Up bespoke enough. They really try and listen to you as horse owners. Thanks from me and Caffrey.
Katy Dukes


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