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Calm and springy - great result!

We've tried different bits etc but not really much help. I contacted Alex from Hack up and explained the problems and he suggested Step Free. All the calmers in the past didn't have much effect but Alex seemed so positive about this Step Free that I thought why not? It arrived and we tried it at two shows. On both occasions Rocky was so much calmer, and more rideable, to the extent that several people have asked what we were feeding him that had made him more responsive. We gave it to Rocky two days before the show and then as we tacked up at the show. We saw a remarkable difference in his way of going immediately and in the ring he was much easier to control. Very impressed indeed!!!
At the same time we also ordered a Bespoke Joint supplement for Rocky. I have to say that for years we have been loyal to a specific brand but I'm so glad we swapped as we have noticed the horses have become very much more springy! I would thoroughly recommend Hack Up products they certainly do what Alex says they'll do.

Angela Cooper

My advice, register on hackup.co.uk then click  'Create a Bespoke' tab and fill in your horse's details, submit. You'll wish you did it years ago!!

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