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Capable pony on bespoke with little jockey

Jubilee has been in our family for 7 years. He is a beautifully bred, big moving Basford pony who all our children have enjoyed. He has a real speed button and could have gone racing quite happily but our girls prefer dressage and jumping so keeping him content, settled and calm has always been our focus. Now aged 13 Jubillee is calming down with his years, but his breeding and cabability, had to be contained when they are small so they do not get scared and we dont jump Katya much on him at all. Very sadly Katya's bombproof 12.2hh pony died earlier this year of a tumour, so she has been forced on to Jubillee a year sooner than planned and BRYDS suggested Katya beccome a member and masters dressage before going onto anything else. After our first BRYDS camp I have to say it was the best suggestion ever. All the chilren there were the kindest, supporting, most welcoming ever. Within hours, Katya was playing dressage horses, riders or judge. Next to the training and shared lessons with inspirational grand prix riders and trainers, it was all fun, safe, careful and considerate for both the pony and jockey. They were soaking it up like a sponge and learning what an adult learns in a week in 10 minuets.  By the afternoon they were all plaiting and sweeping, getting dressed up in crystals and looking wonderful.  The judges box was filled with happy smiliing children and Mark Ruddock looked like the Dressage Pied Piper rather than the judge!  How to make judges not be fearful in later years, fabulous idea.  The mothers were just as wonderful, not a high pressure moment ever.  Everyone generously out for everyone, helping each other and sharing 'stuff'. The camaraderie was fabulous. Anyone with a child thinking of joining BD East BRYDS stop thinking and start doing - you'll not look back! x

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