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Catherine Boyd says once Hack Up, always Hack Up!

Hi Alex, I am happy to provide feedback for you on the supplements that you have provided me with, over the last 18 months for Duchess. I am very happy with the results of the Joint bespoke and the Calming/Digestive bespoke on Duchess my little livewire of a chestnut Hanoverian. With the calming/digestive bespoke she remains responsive whilst also processing information logically. I have hacked her past village fetes, rugby world cup bunting & full sized flags and been chased by loose dogs - all without incident on her part. Some days she's more sparky than others of course but having had nightmare hacks on her before Hack Up - these have not been repeated since I contacted you, having seen an article on you in Your Horse Magazine. I have also not had to use a single 'hormone' supplement since using the Calming digestive bespoke, she was previously on hormone supplement and a calmer and I thought that both were indispensable. When you told me she would be fine without the hormone replacement, I thought that you were having a laugh in all honesty...but you were right. I wasn't 100% sure that the calming digestive bespoke was working after the first tub which lasted me over 4 months (did I mention the fantastic value!) so I stopped it. Within a week she was terrible to lead to the field, rearing in my face, when someone slammed a car door one morning...absolutely unheard of behaviour for her. I swiftly ordered some more and have not run out since - in fact I can have her on half the recommended amount at times as it is so effective which really helps with economy. Very important when you are on a budget like mine. The joint bespoke gives me peace of mind that I am doing the best I can to preserve her joints along with good farriery and regular physio - she is 12 now, at her prime and working well at Advanced level dressage. I want to keep her in this sort of work for a long time yet and feel that with Hack Up I am giving her the best chance I can. I have bought off the shelf supplements before, analysing and overanalysing their content - all making superb claims of course as to their efficiency. All were priced more highly then hack up and none had the same level of effectiveness. I am pleased to write this for you, my repeat business and recommendations speak volumes. Please continue as you are! Many Thanks, Catherine Boyd

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