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Cathy Carter's 'Polly' writes to Alex

Dear Mr Alex Gingell, today I've been on the longest road trip I've been on for ages, I had (apparently according to mum) become a nightmare to travel! Ok... So, yes there was the broken window incident, when I grabbed the catch, and the window shattered in to a million pieces, Oh, and several tie up rings that kept falling off, Oh, and my front feet up on the tack locker thing, Oh and a couple of holes in the roof, but I don't think, a nightmare to travel, is exactly fair!!! Anyway, I'm already on your calm, digest and detox for mares, so mum spoke to your formulation team, they said try Step Free calmer, half an hour before needed, so.. now each of the last 3 short road trips I've had it, and today for a longer road trip, and guess what???? I travel much more calmly and no lorry damage 😀 I actually like the taste of it as Well, it's yummy. Mum says you want to know of any improvements needed for anything, please can my calmer taste a bit more minty, because I do tend to some times leave the speedy beet it mixes with at the side of my bowl, Oh and one final suggestion! Please can my Hack up jacket (must be mine, it's got my name on it) I kindly let mum wear it, well, can it have an addition of a parachute, just in case mum doesn't manage to sit some of my excitable bucking combos! Thanks very much if you could, mums back would appreciate it. Love Polly and Cathy Carter xxx

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