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Charlie's Skin is Less Itchy and Sensitive

Hi Alex

We bought Charlie in March 2015. We were told that he had skin issues, could be very sensitive to shampoos, and had seasonal itchy skin. The first summer we found that Charlie could be very troubled by the flies- he would walk around his stable, rubbing his sides along the walls, you could see the stable bending! Out hacking he had to wear a nose net, to stop the head shaking, and he wore a sweet itch rug 24/7.

We started Charlie on the Digestive/Cleansing/Toning supplement. Summer 2016 has been totally different. He has not needed a sweet itch rug at all, and my daughter did not put his nose net on. He has seemed much more relaxed and untroubled by the flies, and generally his skin has been calm with no problems.

He's a chunky cob who could throw his weight around when bothered by the flies, so this has made our lives much easier! Thank you 😊  Louise

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