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Charlie the Race Horse Settles Down on his Calm/Digest/Detox

I wanted to thank you personally for the help your product has provided for my horse. This is Charlie, he's an ex racehorse I purchased in September. Although appeared calm whilst at his previous home, the change of owner and stables unsettled him quite a lot. He became uncontrollable at times. He was especially nervous of new people, his stable and being led and tied up. Whilst being lunged he was uncontrollable and spooky. During his schooling he would spook at many 'invisible monsters' and poles caused some huge reactions. Since being on his calm/digest/detox bespoke supplement he has become much more settled. I was very sceptical of any calming products however this supplement has worked wonders! He now behaves much better for the farrier, can be tied up, has improved concentration during his work and has confidently started pole work and jumping. I have recently now purchased a joint/hoof bespoke mix to try. I would like to thank Alex and Hack Up for helping me to settle my lovely boy to his new home and continuing his education. Sarah East

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