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Chester Back to Winning Dressage Form

Chester is a 14 year old, 15hh Welsh Section D. In 2015 he was starting to compete BD Medium, having qualified for the regionals at elementary. All was going well until just before the regionals when he felt a little off, our scores went down and he just was under performing. The week after the regionals I took him to our vets for a full lameness work up, After the results we set about a long rehab programme. He had every non-surgical treatment available to him and a strict daily walking/rehab schedule both in hand and hacking. After 3 months there was little change so we carried on another 3 months. Then we had some signs of improvement, so we introduced small bits of trot and started weekly aqua treadmill. I also then started him on the bespoke Hack Up supplement. At 9 months he was declared sound and we started the return to full work.

12 months later he has been given the all clear to return to competition (with caution). He is sound, and last weekend we made our return to BD (marking the year anniversary since we last competed!). We competed at BD elementary and he won his class with the highest score we've ever got at BD elementary. I don't know how long he will stay sound, as I know we're on borrowed time and he does require careful management now. We mostly hack and school only once or twice per week. Some days he's a bit creaky other days he's like a spring lamb!!

What I do know is everything I have done over the last 12 months has helped him, including your supplement. I am going to enjoy every sound day we have and as long as he is happy and willing in his work he will have a job to do.

I haven't got a recent photo so have attached one from last year.

We will continue to use your bespoke supplement as so far all seems good!

Kind regards

Chelsea Harding





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