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CJ is More Happy and Settled and There is a Huge Difference with Her Respiratory Issues

Hi Alex. Thanks for your message. Here is a little pic of CJ and myself what she (not me) does best. For me it's important that she and any previous horses I've had have the best care both internal and external. I have her on your bespoke calmer which does seem to have made a difference - she is more settled and happy - she's never been nasty or spooky - but can get a bit tense when unsure of things. She's also on your "Air" which seems to be making a huge difference with her respiratory issues - she does have sensitive airways and I have noticed a difference with her on it. Once we have got through the winter I will be able to give you a better idea as that is when the work decreases and she may be prone to cough due to the weather. Many thanks Becky Tann


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