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Clare Bettney

 My mare arrived needing lots of TLC,  I was taking her on, after others had felt that being ‘put to sleep’ was the only option.  She was in a very sorry state but I wanted to have a go at helping her.  I had my other horse using a bespoke supplement so I contacted Hack Up Bespoke and asked for them to create a bespoke supplement to improve her comfort and well-being. I got my brilliant farrier to work on supporting her with remedial farrier work too.  To be honest, I was really sceptical whether we would make any significant changes. But within weeks I saw BIG changes in her, I was amazed and thrilled!  Steadily the improvements continued and after two sessions the farrier started to make a good impact with her feet as well.   My lady who does Masterson physio on her came this Saturday 28th July 2018 and commented on how well she looked and she confirmed that she hardly had any physical issues any more at all! This is all within the year!! As I have seen improvements I have been carefully upping her fitness and work and now we have just been out to compete at dressage!  No way would I ever remove Hack Up Bespoke from her or my other horses diet now!

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