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Clover Is Enjoying Being A Horse and Not Being Scared of Her Own Shadow

Hi to all at hack up, 
I'm just writing to let you know how well your supplements have worked on my mare!

Clover is only 6 years old, still very much a baby and acts it too. She's in foal at the minute but since I bought her, it was quickly evident how tense, worried and stressy she was! She absolutely hated a head collar being put on, in fact she didn't really enjoy human or horse contact too much. I couldn't ride her because everything was such a big deal to her, catching her was a nightmare, she would rear up and it didn't even get to the point of putting a head collar on. Even putting rugs on, picking up her feed and brushing her was a big deal to her and she hated every minute of it. After months of deliberation we decided to put clover in foal but she still needed something to calm her down just until she got used to all the things that seemed so petrifying to her!

That's where you've come in she's been on the bespoke calm/digest/detox for mares for the past 6 weeks and what a difference! Clover is on a new yard and with her new supplements, she's like a different horse. She loves attention, she's the first one to come in from the field, stands to be brushed like a dream and I've not had any spooking at all (even when coming in from the field) in the past month. She's so much more relaxed and is generally just enjoying being a horse for a change instead of being scared of her own shadow. I've now got my gelding on the bespoke tone/digest/joint supplement so I'm waiting to see how that works but I've no doubt it will be just as successful.

Thanks so much, both horse and owner are much happier and relaxed.

Megan Golightly


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