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College lecturer Natalie Stones was dubious about supplements - her Refines have converted her!

I first contacted Alex in September 2011 as a bit of a last resort. Marmaduke had been a real all rounder and loved to event but had had a number of injuries and was struggling to even stay sound enough to be a hack. I was at the point of thinking I'll have to retire him to the field. Within 6 months thanks to Alex and his bespoke products Marmaduke was out doing affiliated dressage and going better, than he had in years. He enjoyed another 2 years competing, and now in 2015 still remains on the same bespoke, he just hacks at 18 but is happy and comfortable. If I feel at any point he is not quite right one call to Alex, a tweak of his bespoke and he's back to his old self.
I had always been dubious of supplements, working and lecturing in the equine industry but the bespoke nature of Hack up products meant I couldn't help but recommend them, to friends, colleagues, peers, those I taught, and those who taught me, and I am still doing the same 4 years on. My two old horses at 28 and 31 have been on a bespoke since 2012 and are sound and happy, every year our vets comment on the fact neither require any prescribed anti inflammatories to help at their age.
In 2011 Hack up had tiny web page and I found Alex's name via a forum, it is so nice to see what Hack up has now become. Alex's support and drive is endless and it is a pleasure to be in the over 40's club.

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