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Confidence Out Hacking Alone Again

Hi Alex, what can I say! Thanks to Hack Up I have got the confidence to go out hacking alone with my boy. I have owned Mac my 12year old cob for 2 years now. The first year we was out doing endurances with company but last year I had a car accident and wasn't able to ride for over 3 months, when I eventually did get back in the saddle I lost confidence due to being in pain whilst in saddle and so did Mac as he does look to his rider for confidence so a vicious circle was created. It was a friend who recommended Hack Up to me so I filled in the form and thought we shall see. The formula came shortly after and I followed the guidelines and I can honestly say it's made a massive difference. We still aren't back to doing endurances due to myself and back injuries but we are hacking out alone 2/3 times a week, I feel Hack Up has given both me and Mac the confidence we were lacking to enjoy each other again and will always recommend your product and be forever grateful. Many thanks!!
Naomi Douglas


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