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Confidently Hacking Out After My Accident

Hello, I would just like to say a massive "thank you" to the lady who took her time speaking to me over the phone last week. I was in a bit of state, crying and going on and on mentioning every little detail regarding my pony's quirks, which were all listenend too and taken into account. I genuinely felt like me and my welshys happiness matter, and that someone completely got our situation!! There was no rushing to get me off the phone and no forcing a sale on me. Mouse has been on the recommended supplements for just 5 days, and I am already seeing a small difference in him on the ground... I am wether I could hack out I knew woudl be the real test, as the evenings are dark by the time I finish work. I was very much at breaking point this time last week, but your team have given me hope we can tame the little monster!!! A picture below of him tucking into his dinner this evening-mucky little sod!!  My improvement continued and  today, for the first time in 3 months, I braved taking my pony round the back field at my yard (I didn't want to stray too far as I have zero confidence after falling off him hacking). I have had a very experienced, confident rider hacking him, with me on another horse, with him being good one day, and horrific the next! Today however, he was absolutely perfect, bearing in mind I have literally shaking- we had no napping, bucking, spinning, or tensing up. He even went in front which he didn't even do before all our issues started! He felt like the pony he was 6 months ago, and enjoyed looking around and walking out! It may have nothing to do with your supplements, however that's the only thing that's changed since the last time we left the yard! I felt genuinely safe and I can't wait to try going further next time his schooling has also improved since being on the supplement and electrolytes... He seems too enjoy learning and going forward much more now, and is becoming very responsive to my leg  so so happy!!!   Eleanor Evans


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