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Cruise - Peaceful in his stable again with pre-formulated.

To a lot of people this is a normal picture but to myself and my mum who is in the picture its something that we thought we were very unlikely to see again. Cruise is only 6 and had just been treated for grade 3 stomach ulcers. Cruise started to change very quickly and very negatively he was becoming so anxious and stressed in the stable to the point he would just stand at the door weaving he wouldn't eat his feed or hay and over all everything was going down hill. Cruise has had 24/7 turn out for four weeks whilst on treatment for his ulcer.  On Monday he started his Calm / Digest / Detox and the StepFree and I can't believe that in that short space of time we are able to walk him in his stable with out him shooting back out let alone standing there with the door open and eating hay. Thank you so much I can't wait for him to start his ridden work again I'm finally looking forward to the future with cruise being calm and happy. Thank you.
Clare Carter


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