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Dali Now Licks His Bowl Clean With Bespoke!

Hi Alex & Jayne, just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how pleased I am with the Bespoke Calm/Digest/Toning supplement you made for my lovely boy!! Dali has been a tricky horse since I've had him. He's always found it hard to build muscle and keep condition. What has made that harder still is that he is a very fussy feeder!! This supplement is the FIRST supplement that he has eaten straight up!! Up until now we have struggled to get him to eat supplements and have had to try to hide them within the feed. Now he licks out the bowl!!! He has also gained a good amount of muscle and his various therapists have all commented on it!! I'm so happy with how he looks and feels on his Hack up Bespoke! Maddi Burchell

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