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Dawn Rees notices an "absolute difference" with the EXTRA calming component in Toby's Bespoke.

Hi Alex just wanted to let you know how Toby Byron has been getting on with the new Detox / Digestive / Calmer (extra). I cannot explain enough what an absolute difference it has made to him. I have spent a fortune trying to find something to help him not to be as stressed out about everything but nothing has worked until now! There has been great signs of improvement to his behaviour over the loading dose period such as being calm when tied up etc, but today was the big test and that was to take my other horse Jim out for a little ride, leaving Toby in. Normally he would have been bellowing , shouting the barn down, spinning, box walking and dripping with sweat from head to hoof! All we got was a little call of hello when we returned, stable and rug not trashed at all and no sweating! Fantastic!! I am so thrilled as it's a weight of the mind that I can now start riding Jim without worrying about what Toby is going to do to himself.

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