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Dior - From Pottering to Trotting Around His Field

Alex asked me to share my story so far. This is Dior, an 18yo Danish Warmblood who was previously an advanced dressage horse. 
I fought intermittent front stiffness with Dior through 2014-15 before he was sent for scans. The results were a disaster. He has many issues in his front feet, some ligament inflammation and stiff coffin joints. He was medicated but was still stiff. I decided to box rest him last year for 7 months to rest his tendons. 
Seven months of turnout later and he has done some hacking but then went stiff again. I had been looking at Hack-Up for some time, but was too scared to move away from the products I was on. As nothing was improving I thought "I have nothing to loose". 
I put Dior on the AI bespoke which had been formulated for him. He's been on the supplement for 3 weeks and within the last week he has been a menace!! 
He's still not quite right but there has been some improvement. I'm hopeful that in time he will come right - he's about to start a joint bespoke which I'm hopeful about. 
The early signs are good. Dior rarely ever trotted around the field, he pottered. These last few days he has been a menace to fetch in, cantering, rearing, bucking. In other words - back to his old self!! Thanks Hack Up!


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