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Elli Darling trains and rides horses on Hack Up Bespoke!

I'm love riding the very lovely Spellbound Tobias. Pat, his owner, happens to be a passionate amateur photographer, so takes lots of wonderful training images of us, capturing his progress beyond Advanced Medium dressage.  He recently began his Hack Up Bespoke, that was created by  Lorraine Webster who works at Hack Up, she was introduced to me by another Hack Up bespoke customer Jenna Johnson.  "I have to say as a rider, I can seriously feel the difference when using the bespoke supplements. But I do also feel that I am being circumnavigated by this company!!" said Elli

Alex Gingell saw the post Elli Darling shared on facebook and said "What a wonderful horse and lovely rider, I am unsure if I have judged Elli this year, but I am looking forward to it!"

Elli Darling is a young sucessful trainer/rider based in the East of England who is quickly creating quite a name for herself with a string of Eastern Riders now hitting the affilcated circult and doing her work proud.

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