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Emma Hart training with Lee Pearson CBE.

I bought Sunny as a foal in 2004 along with his mum. He now stands 15hh and is a Trotter Cross, I bought him when I was on a yard where we simply hacked. I have since moved yard's with the facilities to be able to school which has made me want to do more with him than just hack.
I heard about Hack Up Bespoke Supplements through a friend on facebook and thought it sounded like a fantastic idea, so I gave Alex Gingell a call and discussed my horses requirements. He was very helpful and spent a lot of time discussing my horse with me to obtain a clear picture of what he may need. It had been mentioned by previous instructors that they thought he seemed a little stroppy in his attitude. I took Alex's advice and started Sunny on his first Bespoke immediately. This is the formulation we stayed on for a good few months until Sunny serverely bruised his hoof due to a twisted shoe and was on box rest for some time. For some unknown reason Sunny’s hoof growth just stopped and my farrier was nailing the shoes back in the same holes. We knew this needed rectifying immediately or he would need to go barefoot. I called Alex again as I was happy that the first Bespoke was so effective and he recommended a Bespoke Hoof formula for Sunny. Within a few months the Farrier was amazed at the growth, and we were actually trimming hoof off and rebalancing them without the need for the corrective shoes. I haven’t looked back since and his feet are still growing and look amazing.
There are many liveries at Lodge Farm where I keep Sunny and as I was raving about the Bespokes to my friends, lots of them wanted to find out more about Alex and what he did, so I arranged a yard  visit with about 20 horses and ponies for Alex to assess.  Alex spent a whole day assessing and discussing each individual horse,  often having   a quick  15 min school to get a better understanding of the situation. How many supplement companies offer that service?!   Needless to say Alex's note book quickly filled with new customers,  horse's details and individual Bespoke formulas.  Alex  completed  a ridden assessment of  Sunny which was very interesting  to watch as Sunny is what you  would call 'an aquired taste', however Alex got on and clicked immediately with him as if he had ridden him a hundred times before!  He said he felt a little stiff so recommended a joint formula to help. I subsequently used the Joint Bespoke and measured the improvement by the fact that I'm astounded by the feel he now gives me.

Sunny can be a very tense horse when taken out to competitions and I always receive comments like tense, needs to relax over his back, hurried paces and his most used comment ‘little pocket rocket’. I always assumed this was just how he was and accepted him for what he was until I decided to give Alex a call and ask him what I could do. For 'one off' situations when guaranteed calmness is required he recommended Step Free to me and I thought I'd give it a try. I have used a calmer before and it didn’t go so well, infact I ended up retiring half way through my dressage test as I was cantering sideways where I should be walking!! I gave him a shot the night before so he had a nice relaxed sleep and then another one in the morning before I left. I got to the yard in the morning and put his travel boots on and took him out the stable, expecting my usual hang on for dear life as he jog trots me up the yard and I have to circle him a few times to even get the run up onto the box. No!! Out walked Sunny as chilled as anything happily walked down the yard and on the box!! Sitting on the box thinking this could go one of two ways he will either do the same as on the other calmer and wake up and go mental or he is going to be a dope on a rope and be hard work. Arrived at the Lee Pearson Clinic, got on Sunny and entered the arena and did my usual warm up, in total shock as he was in a nice calm relaxed outline and co-operating. Stopped next to Lee and he said that’s not the same horse I saw last time what have you done to him, I said he has been given Step Free and I’m buying another 4 bottles of it when I get home, to which Lee wrote down the name of Hack Up Bespoke Supplements. The last time I went I was in floods of tears with a very unhappy tense argumentative horse and nothing I did worked so I threw the towel in and came home feeling defeated. This time I had an hour lesson and it consisted of lovely relaxed work, even doing things I would never imagined Sunny could do, travers, shoulder in, leg yield, walk to canter, collection and extension of paces. Whilst it relaxed Sunny he didn’t lose any of his enthusiasm it just made him use it in a constructive way. I just can’t wait to take him to a dressage test now and get some lovely relaxed work from him which should push my scores up.
The reasons for using Hack Up Bespoke Supplements are endless. Not only do they sell fantastic products with the ingredients weighted in the right ratios for the horse, at the fraction of the price of other companies, they do not add any fillers, preservatives or colourings to the products either. What you ask for is what you get. You can also pay for the supplements through the new split payment option making it financially viable for me to give Sunny the best product (in my opinion) on the market as I can split the payments over 3 months, interest free.
It’s so nice to know that if you have a problem you can just pick up the phone to Alex and he always has the time to talk to you. Since ironing out all the problems with Sunny I have been taking him out to dressage competitions and regularly have Dressage Clinics with Lee Pearson CBE. I also have lessons with Toby Hewlett who is a producer of young dressage horses and he has been working really well at home, without the assistance of good feed, great supplements and great instructors Sunny would not be the horse he is now. I am actually proud to say he is my horse and that everything he is we have achieved together with the support of lovely people.
Emma Hart

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