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Evelyn Little's 'Glam"

The confidence I have in Hack Up - Bespoke Equine Supplements! Today I ordered 6 months worth of Calming Digestive and a Joint Bespoke for 4 horses! Alex Gingell your product works, Glam has never been more settled and Dino has never looked or felt so well, he's almost fat lol!

Evelyn wrote: "I want to thank Alex Gingell of Hack Up Bespoke Equine Supplements for the bespoke supplements he has put together for my horses. I contacted Alex after seeing some positive feedback on his bespoke products on FB and after trying all sorts of calmers etc for Glam I figured I had nothing to lose. His bespoke calmer has been well and truly put through its paces these last two weeks and I can't believe the results. Previous to Hack Up I would have dreaded a week with no turnout for Glam, let alone her having to be in a stable whilst building work was going on, as her normal behaviour in a stable consisted of speed weaving (you've never seen anything like it and it can put holes in rubber matting in a day), box walking (or cantering) and the "boil over" attempt at climbing out of her stable! However, after just three days of being on this product Glam was a totally different horse. She has not weaved in over a week, no attempts to climb out at all, and she has been happily eating away in her stable, even when her companions leave to work. The change has been noticed by my liveries (my private block is not called the "asylum" for nothing), the vet (who Glam hates!), and even this morning my friend and chiropractor could not believe the difference. All this and it hasn't resulted in her losing her sparkle when being worked, or her quick brain, in fact it has made her bolder and removed her tension. I haven't even tried the StepFree yet!! So thank you Alex, I couldn't have hoped for a better result and the others will be joining her in getting a bespoke supplement shortly "

Many thanks to Evelyn's friend and photographer  - Sally Foreman

Any one not yet using Hack Up Bespoke supplements...? get registered on www.hackup.co.uk, click 'Create a Free Formulation' and fill in your horse's details, then click submit. It takes 5 minutes, tops. Alex then posts a formula recommendation to your file within 24 hours, with an explanation of why each ingredient is included and the effect it has, and guess what? No preservatives, colourings, flavourings or fillers!!

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