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Fiona Skipper and Christus2

My extremely talented, imported warm blood dressage horse is very wonderful, but he has had a tough start to his life and as a result is an 18hh worrier. He needs to be calm so he is safe to compete and train. After trying 'off the shelf products, for calmness and digestion’ I decided to see if a bespoke could offer any extra benefits. It makes logical sense really, as I now have ingredients that I can ask to be switched around and percentages that can be changed as required.  In his current bespoke I have asked for chamomile to be added to help sooth his digestion. Everyone who works with Hack Up Bespoke has full access to talking to the formulators to discuss the changes that they feel they need, not just top level riders, it is a service that I never believed existed - hidden away in the digital world, as only digital offers the flexibility and speed to be able to offer this unique product without any preservatives or added sugars. I have bought via the B&B system so it delivers to my door every 12 weeks without thinking of needing to order it! Brilliant service, fabulous results, great product!

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