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Fizzy Sparks explains why nothing but Hack Up will do after a Refine.

Izzy is a 16 year old British Warmblood, he has always been tense and spooky and I have tried many calmers on the market for him.  They all seemed to work for a while and then stopped working. He would wind himself up so much sometimes he was unrideable.  It had got to the point I was concerned that he had ulcers and was considering getting him scoped.  My final attempt to calm him down came when I saw all the amazingly positive reviews about the HackUp supplements.  I thought it would be worth a try and I haven't looked back since.  His calm/digest calmer made him much more comfortable, calmer and more rideable.  He was much less spooky, and much happier.  I use the calmer in conjunction with the step free calmer when I take him out, as this is when he tends to be very tense.  The combination of both calmers is brilliant.  He stays much more relaxed through his mind and his body,  Recently, we have decided to change his feed from Saracens to Simple Systems.  Alex and his team have altered his calmer to make it a calm/digest/toning supplement as he tends to drop weight and toppling in the winter.  This alteration has also come along with Izzy's recent diagnosis of Sacroiliac disease, he has stiffness in his SI, lumbar spine, hocks, stifle and fetlocks.  The vet and his chiropractor have treated him thoroughly. He has had one dose of Tildren and has a specific rehab program and regular treatments from his chiro.  He is making amazing progress and now I am back on after a few months of not riding and doing lots of inhand walking and long reigning he is feeling super!  The vet and the chiro have given him a good prognosis and think that he will be back to normal work by around the middle of the summer.  When I put Izzy's information into the HackUp website (before his diagnosis before Christmas) Alex also suggested an AI joint bespoke for him, this has been a great support for him. Containing vital anti-inflamatories to keep him comfortable and aid his rehab.  Again this contains no fillers and no preservatives.    He has calmed down even more since having veterinary and chiropractic treatment, but he could not be without the support of his AI joint bespoke to prevent inflammation and to help support his joints.  I noticed a huge difference in Izzy within just a week of using his joint bespoke and his calmer.  I wouldn't let him be without either now!  Not only are the products amazing, but they last a very long time, a tub definitely lasts more than a month (I'm not sure exactly how long they last, I haven't counted).  I have saved a small fortune ordering from HackUp and my horse is better off on the supplements, it is a win/win situation for both of us!  I have recommended the supplements to everyone that has asked me about them, because I can see how well they work!  I would never think of feeding a different supplement to any horse now.  Not only that but the HackUp team are extremely helpful, they are there to advise and to tweak the formulation of your supplements if needed.  The offers that they offer are also amazing, getting some extra product for free with almost every order. The free jackets also come in very handy on a chilly day at the yard!  I keep one in my car, one in the lorry, one at home, and one at the yard!  Thank you HackUp!

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