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Flame - Calmly competing again on his Bespoke.

Flame has been on Calm / Digest / Detox for around 3 weeks now, it was my last resort after trying nearly every calmer on the market. Last year I called it quits on competing him as he was just plain dangerous for me to ride and for everyone else around him and the day was just un-enjoyable from start to finish, even to tie up at the Lorry was a nightmare. Yesterday was the first time I have taken him out to a show in nearly 12 months and it was like having a different horse, he was chilled, calm and relaxed, stood at the Lorry, no problems. I had a 1st, 2nd, 4th in dressage and two 3rds He was a complete joy to ride, I even let my friend ride a test on him which I have never done before, which was the test he won. Thank you Sooo much Hack Up, this product is truly amazing.
Kelly Bond.

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