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From pacing in grief to relaxed and settled.

Max is almost 30, a retired eventer who is always calm and happy grazing his days away. He recently lost his main field companion after my mare's stiffness got the better of her and we know he missed her a bit but got on with life. Yesterday he was cornered and kicked by our fit youngster and, aside from the wound, became very anxious, pacing and working himself up which is most uncharacteristic. We found his focal point was where our mare is buried which is fenced off. After an ok night, he was unsettled when turned out today. I remembered I had StepFree, gave him a dose and within minutes he was calm and grazing- although keeping his distance from our young mare!
My horses are all on Hack Up for joints and well-being, and I believe it kept my other mare sound longer than she might have been, but StepFree is amazing with the bonus that he loves the taste.
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