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Fudge Back Out Competing Again

Hi Alex,

Last year I was in a position with my pony Fudge that I was really stuck on what was wrong with him and the way he was moving.

Fudge wasn't in full work last year, he was very stiff and tense through his back and legs, I would get on and he would buck and tense up, which wasn't like him at all, the saddle was brand new the year before and professionally fitted, with only being on a hand full of times. I had a chiropractor out who advised because he was out of work he was over weight, there was pressure over his back and to get lunging him and back into work.

Fudge was 16 and i was worried about his joints or that maybe he was running around in the field and slipping etc and hurting himself.

My friend recommended Alex Gingell to me and how Hack Up makes their own supplements specific to the horse.

I saw all the reviews about Hack Up and I was skeptical about how good they were, but i thought anything was worth a try to ease his joints and get him moving a lot easier to get him into work.

Alex spoke to me and i filled in the bespoke form and within 2 days, i received my supplement. Delivery was great and i couldn't wait to get him on this! 1 week into the loading phase, i got on and rode, Fudge didn't tense, he didn't buck and in fact he felt amazing, he was so free and i could actually feel him using his muscles and relax over his back.

I registered with hack up May 2016 and to this day, i swear by it to everyone and highly recommend Hack Up!

This year has been amazing and i have been out competing, Fudge has been popping over 90cm courses with ease and his flat work is coming on amazing and for a 17 year old pony people say he looks so good and free. 

I wouldn't be back on Fudge if it wasn't for Alex helping me getting something that works so well for a pony with old injuries and stiff bones to feel like a 6 year old freely moving under the saddle.

I cannot thank Alex and the Hack Up team enough for all their help!

Katie Stewart

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