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Hack Up Bespoke Has Made A Big Difference To Jennie

Hi Alex and his team! I've been using hack up joint bespoke for a long time now and as soon as I put my girl on it I noticed a massive difference. Her joint stiffness has improved her since being on the bespoke. Jennie is a lot freer in her joints! Being ridden 5/6 times a week and on the supplement she acts like a 5 year old! Unfortunately she broke her splint bone in the field 3 months ago and has been on box rest since then. However, when the vet re X-rayed he couldn't believe how well she was healing. She was 2/3 weeks ahead of what he thought she should be, which I believe is to do with the hack up supplement helping her in all ways! I will keep her on this supplement for ever as it's the best supplement I've found! I've also had Jennie on the air supplement which really helps her during the high temperatures (whenever we have any) couldn't be more pleased with the hack up supplement and I think everyone should give it a go, I've tried so many products out there and have found this to be the best! Amy Cooper

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