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Hack Up Bespoke story - my lifesaver!

The ingredients in this formula are -Glucosmine HCL, MSM, Tumeric, Zeolite, Bosweilla, Whey Protein and Ginger

After speaking to Alex this morning I would like to send you my ‘Hack Up’ story....

So, I am the proud owner of Lysander, he is a 17hh WB gelding. (24 years young).Two years ago he started to not want to go forward, jump and was very not happy on his front legs on and off.  So he had all the usual tests, scans etc and it revealed wear and tear. He was treated clinically for all 4 legs but he still appeared uncomfortable.
I tried two different shop bought supplements  - they had no effect. Six months later another round of clinical intervention but I was still not riding him!
I resided myself to the fact this was it... giving up dressage, jumping and schooling. I took him off his prescribed veterinary drugs as I was not seeing any improvements and it was very costly.  I was devastated.
Then a friend told me about Hack Up Bespoke. I sent Lysanders details and his bespoke supplement arrived. After 3 weeks on the loading dose I noticed a difference for the first time in over a year, my horse was happy and I felt that I could ride him again!  I dared myself to dream I could I have my horse back?  We slowly started to school again, then jumped... and still he remained happy and willing.
I’ve build him back up over the past 4 months - he is back to jumping, schooling and feels great. I will always feed him his bespoke supplement and I rave about it to anyone that will listen.
It has been a lifesaver! Game changer! Whatever you want to call it!

Thank you Hack Up!

Try it - it might just change your horses life - it gave Lysander a new lease of life!
Kerrie Ward

Alex and his formulating team use their experince and knowledge regarding how much of each component to put into the formulas. They refine the formula if the situation changes. They listen to feedback from customers and tailor their formulations to what's worked well in the past for horses / ponies in a similar situation. Briiliantly simple, and above all, common sense!!


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