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Hack Up Has Helped with Skin Blemishes

Hi Alex.
I started using Hack Up bespoke for my youngster (well he is 6 now) for his unsightly blemishes. He has previously had one removed and then had a cluster appear that appeared to be getting bigger. Since then he has been on a Hack Up Detox Bespoke and his blemishes have definitely calmed down and stayed at a manageable size and touching wood have not showed signs of changing again in the last month. He is Tri Coloured Cob (bit of a Heinz so cannot be more precise on breeding) .
I then started using Air for my other boy who is 11. This was due mostly to his coughing when he is in over winter, but he also had a pollen allergy.  I use this just before I ride him and he seems a lot happier and doesn't show signs of coughing or the dust and pollen effecting him as bad as they were at the start of the year. He's a Piebald sports Cob (he has sports horse in him) both of them are competing regularly at Riding club level and the older one has been to Novice level eventing. I've also recently ordered a hoof supplement for them both as I have total faith that these Bespoke supplements really do work!!.
Jo Humphrey


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