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Hannah's retrained racehorse chilled on his Calming / Digest / Toning Bespoke formula.

Hi Alex

I have had City Style for just over a year now and have always found him hard to feed. He doesn’t hold his weight, yet any build up type feeds just make him too hot to ride and handle. I had tried various things over the last year but nothing was working and his behaviour going to competitions and clinics was starting to worry me. He was very nervous to travel and used to get really tense and difficult to handle on arrival at places. The final straw for me was at a beginners hunter trial in September. He was kicking in the box the whole way there and on arrival was shouting and restless. I went to walk the course and when I came back to him he was black with sweat and distressed. I had to walk him around for an hour to try and get him to settle before our class. He was difficult to tack up and then to warm up and did the whole course on his nerves. This was upsetting for me as he is a horse that I have followed throughout his career and I love him dearly so only want him to be happy in his retirement. A friend recommended Hack Up Bespoke and I decided to give it a go. Six weeks down the line and he has gradually become calmer and more amenable to take out to training and competitions. Yesterday I took him to a dressage competition an hour away on my own. He didn’t turn a hair, was easy to tack up and was much more relaxed in his surroundings. The best part being, he even stood quietly on the box eating hay when we had finished, this was unheard of until the last few weeks!

Hannah Pollard

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