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Happy Hocks and Inviting Friends! Thanks To His Bespoke

Hi Alex, I just wanted to let you know how well my Louie is doing on hack up bespoke. He's unfortunately been turned away for the last 14 months due severe joint issues, he was operated on and started coming back into work at the beginning of Jan. His painful hocks were causing extreme behaviour under saddle although he was happy whilst they were medicated with steroids. He was overdue his next hock medication at the beginning of Jan but due to his holiday he was a bit too fat and the vet was reluctant to medicate until he lost weight.
He's now been on hack up bespoke just under a month and you would have no idea he hasn't had his hocks medicated. Under saddle he's been absolute dream (unless there is a horse eating carrier bag in the hedge). I'm so pleased to have my happy and healthy pony back who hopefully will start arena work again soon. I have no doubt without hack up he would be very uncomfortable.
Photo is of Louie's happy ears, they are like this every time we ride.  I love your new Invite a friend campaign so I can now share £100 worth of points when I invite a friend to buy a Hack Up Bespoke for their horse!  I am starting to invite them so they too can make their horses happier!!
Lizzie Yabsley

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