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Harriet Stonier gets her Hamish 'in front of the leg' for the first time!

This is Hamish, my 13yo highland gelding. Hamish has been painfully lazy and lethergic for as long as I have known him.

He would be very nappy, just plant himself and refuse to move. When he did move he had no "get up and go" at all. Over the years I have had every inch of his body checked over and over again to see if anything was upsetting him.  I have used so many different feeds and supplements. I set about reschooling him, which did have plenty of positive results, but he still lacked stamina despite being fairly fit. Endless people told me he was useless and I should get rid (as if I ever could!). Then I was told about Hack Up from a friend, I thought anything is worth a try. Hamish's 'Boost' quickly arrived and we started it. I felt good effects within a few days, he was listening and marching on out hacking. When the time came to reorder I contacted Alex to see if it could be tweaked slightly just to give him a bit more boost. Alex put together a bespoke joint supplement and off we went again! Well... Hamish is now such good fun to ride! He has been on fire out hunting, the napping is minimal and we have had several moments when I thought he needs to slow down a bit!! He looks so well, coat , mane and tail all look great! Thank you so very much, after years of despair our problem has been solved, I have fallen in love with him all over again!!
Harriet Kate Stonier

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