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Helen Forth will never be unfaithful to Hack Up Bespoke again!!

This is Romeo also known as Hold On Tiger in his racing days. We first ordered 2 years ago not long after Romeo had been treated for stomach issues. We initially ordered zeolite but after a couple of months tweaked it and added pre and pro biotics. We haven’t looked back since and fingers crossed we continue to have a happy tummy and a happy horse. I’m ashamed to say we were a little unfaithful last year when I tried a different brand of gut product. My word it was like sitting on a coiled spring ready to explode any minute - not Romeo’s character at all. Needless to say we binned that off and reordered from Alex. Got my level headed TB back in no time at all - suppose we all learn from our mistakes!! Very much looking forward to getting back out this year with Romeo and having lots of fun. Would recommend Hack Up to anyone in the blink of an eye!!!

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