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Helen Louise WOWED by the Calm / Digest / Detox Bespoke formula

I have been feeding the gut balancer and calmer to my mare on the double dosage now for about 8 weeks and the improvements are unbelievable. I was very sceptical at first as I couldn't see a difference so used two scoops a day as maintenance dose. My mare used to canter around the box when another horse was let out in the field, she would be wide eyed and just charge over the top of you. Now she just stands in her stable chilled out and does not bother at all she just carries on eating. She used to kick the door and paw the floor this has completely stopped! I can have her tied up whilst brushing her for as long as I want. My mare also used to be very wild to ride, not good in traffic but here in this picture  a 10 year old girl is riding her 😯!! I can hack her out alone and she has stopped getting her self so worked up. Over all I have a much calmer horse who has gone from the wildest pony on the yard to the most loving on the yard. The difference is huge! She is also in season at the moment and she is not being grumpy like before, she is going to the toilet more but that is it, she is not flipping out. When the geldings came in past her tonight when I was riding she would normally go tense and shout for them she didn't do any of this she just carried on working. She is working much better and relaxed. Would recommend this to any one who has a generally anxious horse it has just made her happier overall. Ps I have had this mare from a 4 year old and she is now 9 so she will be staying on this for ever now. Helen Louise

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