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Helen Tyler sees an improvement all round!!

After two months on Hack Up, I've been avoiding writing my review, not wanting to jinx myself and speak to soon on the good results I am having... My mare can be very unpredictable and gets extremely stressed which develops into difficult scenarios! She couldn't have more than one day of at a time, change of routine was a no go.. Not only was her ridden behaviour difficult, her droppings would turn to water. She got very poorly last week and was under vet treatment. She had five days off work, when put back into work she didn't put one hoof wrong, of course we had an occasional spook, but nothing that caused her any distress! I was shocked as are others at my yard at the difference in her. Her droppings have really firmed up during situations where they would usually be runny and loose! All in all it has helped her tummy, mind, coat condition and hooves! Thankyou.
Helen Tyler

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