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Honey The Haflinger - Now Calm Out Hacking

Hi Alex

Honey is a 15year old Haflinger, who does a bit of everything. She is very strong, and can be very excitable so I needed something to take the edge off her. I liked the idea of Hack-Up Bespoke, as I knew we could find a formula specifically for her, and tweak it if needed. She is also quite mouthy when girthing up. The Calm/Detox formula has made her safer to ride on general hacks, and even though she can still bubble over if something unusual happens, she calms down afterwards quite quickly.

She’s now starting to show signs of stiffness, after hard work, so I’ve just started her on the Joint supplement. I’m still waiting to see an improvement with this one, but I’m still trying to figure out what’s causing her issue, so I might be treating the effect and not the cause.

I continue to recommend Hack-Up as I trust the ingredients are all natural, and like the way there’s always someone at the end of the phone or chat line I can talk to about Honey’s behaviour or way of going, and your team take time to understand what I’m trying to improve.

Claire Gray


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