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Horse and Hound Story

Maddie is a 20 year old Irish sport horse, whom I bought as a 12 year old for my son Ryan to compete. She had had a full and varied life competing, showjumping up to newcomer level, eventing to pre-novice, and county working hunters, plus represented pony club in all disciplines.

Unfortunately 4 years ago Maddie damaged her deep digital flexor tendon and check ligament and had to have a long time off. .So I bought Ryan, my son, another horse, so I took on the role as Maddie's rider. Unfortunately Maddie is not a very good retired horse as she loves to work. She gets very excited when she sees the horsebox ramp down and tries to load herself.

I'd read Alex's page in Absolute Horse and also seen bits and pieces about Hack Up on Facebook. I figured I had nothing to lose by giving him a call, and this was to be my last ditched attempt. I found him very kind and easy to talk to and I explained about everything that was going on with her.

After a couple of weeks her coat returned to its normal shiny flatness, and she started to put weight back on. Although not completly sound at that time I started walking her out.

She competed at the veteran class at the Norfolk Show in the June, where unfortunately she didnt get placed as she was too full of it. I'm now back out jumping her at a lower level which she is really enjoying, and at a showing show before Christmas she won both her classes.

I'm so glad I made the call to Alex and I know without him I would not be having this fun on her now.  I've had lots of extra time and a chance to create some good memories with her which I feel I wouldn't have got with him, thankyou!!


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