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Hunters Thriving on Their Joint Supplement

Hi, I've been using your joint supplement for Ginger and Finn for around 3 months now. I first noticed a difference with Ginger after around 6 days. Ginger suffers with lameness issues and we've always struggled to keep him on top form when working hard. Within 6 days his movement had become vastly better and has since improved again! Who'd have thought that a 14yr old hunter could improve with something so simple and cost effective!! Finn took around 2 weeks to show any improvement. Finn is an over height Connemara that had a lot of mileage as a young horse so I was worried about wear and tear, although he never showed any signs. Finn no longer trips or leaves a hind leg while working on very un level ground! He's quite idle so I always put it down to that but clearly I was wrong! Worth saying we've fed all our horses turmeric for the past 2 years along side linseed but never seen these types of positive results. I feel bad for not starting Ginger on this years ago! I'm certainly sold on your products and will continue to recommend them. Thank you Hackup! I've attached a couple of pictures of Ginger and Finn hunting. Louise



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