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Izzy - Refining Option Helps With His Changing Needs

Finally got round to sending you a write up and some photos!
Izzy was diagnosed with serious mobility issues in 2015. Alex and his team made some alterations to his joint supplement to help keep him mobile, they also altered his calmer to help him build and maintain his muscle better; so as that his joints don't have to work too hard. Izzy is particularly stiff. His scans and X-rays look like a much older horse but he isn't letting it hold him back at all. 
 Thanks to his calmer he is relaxed and happy, also looking pretty well muscled for a 17year old horse! And thanks to his joint supplement his stiffness is markedly reduced. The old boy can still move! He is going so well that we will soon be back out competing for the first time in almost two years. 
 More recently Izzy had a blood test as he was producing a lot of urine and was lethargic. This showed for him to be almost borderline for a metabolic disorder. Again the Hack Up team made some alterations to his supplements to help keep him in good health. Since then he is nowhere near as lethargic and is so much dryer in his stable! Now his summer coat is coming through he looks and feels fantastic! Thank you!
Fizzy Sparks



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