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Jessica Sutherland and Star tell their story!!

Meet Star. She came to me on LWVTB as a typical TB but with a loving nature. She was turned out one day and came in foot sore and in discomfort!

I had the back lady and farrier out who said she had no sole on her feet and no muscles either. I was recommended Hack Up for digestive support. My horse was not showing signs of digestive discomfort but she does wind-suck. I wanted to have something in place to soothe her considering the amount of food she has, as she was very underweight and tucked up. She had always been very lean, even with her previous owner. She was seen by a Vet who said she would be ideal as a companion, nothing more.

I contacted Alex and his team and told them everything about Star and her back or possible lower back problems. Alex and his team formulated Star a Zeolite with Mint product for her tummy and she has progressed amazingly with this. My vet came to see her for  lower back investigations and a bone scan. I went back to Alex with my new information and he formulated a Toning/Hoof/Joint supplement which I can truly say impressed the Vet and her farrier who said her feet are growing so strong and fast. He couldn't believe it!

When my Vet saw her she said she was expecting her to be slightly lame as when she first saw her she couldn't walk well at all. Now, thanks to Hack Up Bespoke and Alex (and of course his amazing team) the horse that was doomed to a life life as a companion is now in rehab being lunged in walk trot and canter! I couldn't be more thankful to Alex and his team. They have given us hope and helped develop bespoke supplements to help Star with all the information my Vet and back lady provided.

If anyone asks what I use or what I recommend, I always say Hack Up straight away and I'd never stray to anyone else!!


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