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Kelly Bates calling a spade a spade


Hi Alex, Happy New Year to you too! Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have a Percy update for you on his calming, digestive and hoof bespoke supplement. I thought I would include a bit of background information for you so you can see exactly how much difference it has made. I have had Percy for 4years and was his 4th owner in 10mths, he was in a terrible condition when I purchased him and had the most horrendous attitude. It has been an extremely long and testing journey and after many saddle fitters, physio's, equine dentists and vets he was classed as 'one of those horses'. On many occasions I was told by family and friends he was dangerous and I should get rid of him, but I persisted with him as I felt I owed it to him. In July 2014 I started him on your supplement and I'm thrilled to say 'I think we have got there!'. In August we won an Intro dressage test with an amazing score of 71.3% (only his second dressage outing) and this Christmas I had the best present by hacking him out on his own for 1.5hrs. This may seem a normal thing for most horse riders, but for Percy this was a route that he struggles to get round when he has company as he just stresses and panics. I would also like to touch wood at this point, but in the last 5 months he has not lost any shoes, amazing for a horse that would lose a shoe at least every couple of weeks. I am feeling far more positive for 2015, with a happier and more relaxed horse so thank you Alex. Kelly and Percy

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