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Kelly Nichols's Ben feeling looser as well as rather dirty!!

This is my scruffy muddy winter monster pony (22 yr old Ben) having enjoyed a roll after a hack! I was going to try and get a nice picture but thats a bit impossible at this time of year! Ben has now been on the Joint Bespoke for a few weeks. There has been a massive improvment in his movment and behaviour. I noticed an improvement within a few days. He is a much less grumpy horse to be around now. He has been galloping around his field and is much less stiff in his movement now. I hacked him yesterday and I could definitely tell he felt a lot better. I have tried many different supplements and methods to try and help his stiffness but they had little to no effect. He is just a happy hacker but i want to be able to keep him comfortable and in light work. But i was at a loss as to what to do for the best and asked on facebook for recommendations and everyone recommended Hack Up! I'm so glad that they did as it has given Ben a new life. I'm looking forward to seeing how the supplement helps over a longer period of time.

Kelly Nichols

Thanks hack up team

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