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Kelly Spencer-Fleet's 5yo convinced her that Hack Up calmers are required.

I have a beautiful Andalusian X Arab mare just turned 5, who's a tad opinionated at times and can be a cow! I have tried so many calmers it's unreal most with no real effect. I contacted Alex at Hack Up about 10 months ago and we have progressed so much it's unreal.  We even have become the nanny horse at times for younger horses. Don't get me wrong she still has her moments but time and Hack Up made a difference. I got a little to clever a while back and took her off Hack Up! Trying to save a few pounds! It was only about 3 weeks later in a convo I said "she's becoming really hard work again. And all I can think of is I took her off her bespoke mix", the  penny droppe, so the next day she started it again. Needless to say normality resumed. We also use StepFree for her extra stroppy days works a treat.

I'm now a loyal, happy customer and won't be going anywhere!

Thank you

Many thanks

Kelly Spencer-Fleet


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