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Leanne Le Moucheux tells why Spirit is staying on a Bespoke formula

‘I got Spirit on loan in February 2017, he was 14 years old and had spent much of his life in a field before his owner got him and started to work him. I started to work with him, schooling regularly and having the osteopath out once a month, due to him being very stiff and being described as having ‘a block of concrete for a back’, he was also going to be doing a lot more with me than he had before, as I wanted to be out competing BS most weekends. I therefore decided that to help the old(er) boy along, by getting him a joint supplement. I tried two different kinds of ‘off the shelf’ supplements which did not seem to have much effect at all. I decided to try Hack Up and can honestly say within a week I noticed a difference in him. He has a ‘spring in his step’ and seemed much more willing to work in a nice collected SJ canter. Hack Up is definitely part of Spirit's regular routine, along with the equilibrium massage pad and regular osteo appointments, which makes him a happy horse and we hope to qualify for the Blue Chip Championships 2019 and make the step up to newcomers next year.'

Leanne Le Moucheux

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