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Lesley Hale feels the freedom with her Bespoke Joint Bespoke.

Hi Alex, just wanted to join the ever growing list of delighted customers that are enjoying the wonderful changes to their equine friends since being on Hack Up bespoke products.. My boy Eric chipped a bone in his coffin joint approx 4yrs ago, he underwent surgery & seemed to come sound after box rest & rehab.  However, once back in work (which had never been heavy) he appeared uncomfortable when coming out of the stable & rather restricted once in work. He does have weaknesses that need to be supported by good muscle, but I need to keep him in consistant work to build the muscle.   You automatically think this is the end of the world ..... That is until I contacted you through a friend's recommendation. Probably the best questionnaire I have ever done, the upshot of this is the Bespoke Joint supplement is now in my feed room & the improved comfort is a relief for both me and my horse!  He is so much more comfortable in his work, we are back doing a bit of dressage (he is capable of doing more, im just lazy 😀). He is noticably happier in the field, rolling in the mud again where as before he tried to get down but his legs just wouldn't support him so he gave up. In the stable I am now greeted in the mornings with poop stains down his face etc, he never lay down for such a long time before the Hack Up Joint. In conclusion I would recommend your products to anyone who wants to have their best friend back comfortable & happy!!! Thank you so much Alex from Lesley & Eric x

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