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Little P Going Out and Winning Rosettes

Hey Alex sorry haven't got back to you before now..
So, Little P is a Connemara Warmblood X, she has just turned 6 and at this time last year, is an extremely sharp, very feisty mare...we moved yards last December too and she became worse. I put her on a branded hormone product in January and then a couple of months later, I started her on your powder...we have changed the powder a bit and put more milk thistle in as she is still fairly on her toes BUT she is a lot better...I do give her about 30-35g a day of the powder...its helping her to be calmer and more level headed...
I then also use the Step-free when we go out where I know there will be a lot of other horses where she can play up, especially in canter. I give the Step-free in some chop about half hour to 45 mins before we travel somewhere...I probably about 75ml which keeps her a bit more sensible for a few hours...
So, it's all good...what I would like is for her to come off the branded hormone product at some point and just continue with your powder but at the moment, she is still being a fairly young opinionated little mare...
The last point to make, we went to a riding club show at the end of September, did both ridden and showing in hand and came away with lots of rosettes, she was so well behaved...pics of rosettes and P to follow. Best wishes.

Tania O'Connell


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