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Long term relief and a happy horse

Hi Alex, I have been feeding bespoke joint supplement for two months now and am impressed with the results I have had so far.

My horse is a Knabstrupper called Champers. Champers has stiffness in the lower part of both of his hocks. However, my main concern was that long term use of medication may cause side effects.  So I decided to look for a joint supplement that could work alongside the medication to keep him comfortable during work. 

Since being on Hack Up, Champers comes out of the stable more freely in the mornings and is doing well in his ridden work. We love competing in showing and have been working on improving our jumping too. He is being ridden at least 5 days a week and so far (touch wood) and is currently sound. I have previously tried other brands of joint supplement and didn’t notice as much of a difference in his suppleness as I have with Hack Up. I would definitely recommend that people give it a try.
Justine Turbin

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